When data drives customer relationship

Customer data gives to marketing numerous and valuable information. Communication evolves towards more and more relevance. Omnichannel targeting and 1to1 customization are now available in few clicks.

Here at Marketing 1by1, we think it’s essential to gather all the available data to build a customer-centric loyalty strategy.

Our choices have moved towards innovative and flexible technologies, allowing us to connect to numerous data sources and completely adapt ourselves to our client information system.

Reveal your Data Power with 1by1


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Why choose 1by1 ?

Create your own and automated campaigns in few clicks thanks to our 30 ready to use campaign library

No more input constraints, 1by1 is ready for information system and data models.

Carry out counts and targetings in few seconds, send your first campaigns in few minutes and measure your performance immediately.

1by1 centralizes all your available data: contacts, products, transactions, web navigation, etc. We also synchronize with any external providers you may use: email, sms, call center, print, etc.

Our customers

Electro depot - Trigger Marketing
Webdistrib - Trigger Marketing
3 Suisses - Trigger Marketing
Willemse france - Trigger Marketing
Conrad - Trigger Marketing
Cafe privilege - Trigger Marketing
Helline - Trigger Marketing
VVF - Trigger Marketing
Bricorama - Trigger Marketing
CSP - Trigger Marketing
Croisi Europe - Trigger Marketing
Cash Converters - Trigger Marketing
Edition de saxe - Trigger Marketing


For more information or if you want a demo, our team will be pleased to answer your requests.