Marketing 1by1 was promoted to the "5 stars" label

François Snécot, community manager at Marketing 1by1

Marketing 1by1 reached the score of 78/100 (provided by Early Metrics’ algorithms)

startup marketing automation

Last week, Marketing 1by1 had a very specific tuesday… 10am, our teams met to schedule priority projects. Suddenly the exchange was interrupted by the intervention of our CEO, Benoît Venière, who just received the Early Metrics’ rating.

Many pieces of information were provided and several interviews were conducted. The team eagerly awaits the result... And Marketing 1by1 reached the label “5 stars“ !

startup marketing automation

The score is based on more than 50 criteria: the project, the competitive environment and the team’s effectiveness for example.

This rating delivered by an external and impartial agency confirms the strategy and vision of our company. According to Jonathan Williet, analyst at Early Metrics, "Marketing 1by1 is directed by complementary managers who have relevant experiences, they were able to build healthy foundations for proper development of the company".

Less than 12% of companies surveyed obtain the label “5 stars”, with a score of 78/100, Marketing 1by1 is very close to the maximal mark of 83/100. Check rating criteria.

Thank you to the Early Metrics team for taking the time to study our society from every angle !

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